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    Semi-automatic Microplate Washer SAM208

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    a)Handling 8,12 filler heads and can be replaced;
    b)Handling 8,12 imbibition heads and can be replaced;
    c)Can put 24、48 and 96 holes standard ELISA Plate;
    d)The wash time can arbitrarily set to satisfy the requirement.
    e)Cleaning row number is 1-12 and require seqencing.
    f)Soak time can arbitrarily set and the time is no limit;
    g)It can satisfy all kinds of wash types;h)It can choose single filler and single imbibition function.
    i)It can clean the filler and imbibition pipeline;j)It has multipoint imbibition function.


    1、electric mainframe:
    a)Max Power Dissipation:30VA
    b)run mode: continuously-running duty
    2、Handling 8,12 filler heads and imbibition heads
    3 The volumes of washing liquor bottle and liquid waste bottle are ≥2L.
    4 Elisa plate standard applied:24 poles、48 poles、96 poles;
    5 Working conditions:
    a) Ambient temperature:10℃~40℃;
    b)Relative humidity: 30%~75%;
    c) 860hPa~1060hPa;Atmospheric pressure:860hPa~1060hPa;
    d) Power requirement: alternating current 220V±22V;
    e) Far away from the strong electromagnetic interference;
    5 Volume of ejected liquid: 200μl-500μl and can continously adjust;
    6 Residual quantity of cleanout fluid:≤1μl/hole;
    7 Overall dimensions:length is 356mm,width is 291 mm and height is 91 mm.

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